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Choux Au Craquelin

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

I asked my fam to help narrow it down to one or two flavors but each of these all got a vote so they all made it for the Contra Coffee pop-up!

Red Bean Choux

filled with red bean cream, garnished with cream cheese cream, mochi and rose petals

When I think about street food, I remember the red bean wheel cake truck along the streets of Taiwan. I remember riding behind my mom on the motorcycle to pick up my sister from school, but mainly to pick up my favorite red bean wheel cake on the way. It’s the smell and warmth of the little round cakes steaming from a brown paper bag that hits home.

Black Sesame Choux

filled with black sesame pastry cream and strawberry, garnished with roasted black sesame seeds

At age 4 in Taiwan, my grandma was my best friend. It was just me and her at home— sorting vegetables and making food. Once, she asked if I wanted plain porridge or the black one. I chose the plain one, even though she said it has no taste. Clearly, it was unappetizing so I ate her black sesame one instead. Black sesame is the “grey stuff” from my old days.

Jasmine Green Tea & Matcha

*THE CUSTOMER FAVORITE* filled with jasmine green tea & matcha pastry cream and strawberry, garnished with white chocolate disks and matcha powder

There’s always people at my house drinking tea. My dad invites anyone and everyone over to 泡茶 (drink tea) and talk, pray, or just enjoy the peacefulness of the ritual. Tea culture has a whole history in Taiwan, but to me, it brews from my family’s hospitality in Christ.

Coffee Choux

filled with coffee pastry cream, garnished with cream cheese cream and dark chocolate

From milk, to tea, to coffee, to wine… These drinks capture pivotal moments in life. I love how I’ve reunited with old friends and cultivated new relationships over one cup of coffee at a time. Perhaps the purpose of coffee is also not to sleep on these precious moments.


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