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My Baking Holy Grail

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

I LOVE to shop for kitchen gadgets, baking supplies, and home decor. I can be stuck at the kitchen aisles at Marshalls, HomeGoods or Target for an hour. However, almost all of my baking supplies have been hand-me-downs. Even though the models are quite outdated, I'm attached. I wanted to share my baking holy grail to show that you can do a lot of things with very little. There are only 2 things on this list that I purchased myself, but I added some links to similar items at the bottom of this post.

1. Hand whisk & silicone spatula

Just like your go-to racket, I got my go-to whisk. I broke it twice. My dad super glued it back together and it still works! Use a whisk and spatula until your hands are familiar with the grip.

2. Digital kitchen scale

Baking is a science. Accurate measurements = consistent results. Desserts like chiffon cakes and choux pastries are especially sensitive to those extra few grams. I generally use what the recipes call for (measuring cups vs. weight), but lean towards recipes with weight measurements. Plus, less things to wash later!

3. Nonstick pans

I stand by the USA PAN. I’ve gone through cheap pans that warp during baking, rust after a few usages, and are so hard to wash. These were an investment that are lasting pretty well! A good baking pan helps with heat induction (which means perfectly baked goods) AND will last long!

4. Standmixer

I’m always trying to multi-task, even in the kitchen, so I’ll usually have the standmixer whisking, while I’m measuring some more ingredients. However, if you're just doing some simple baking (cookies, banana bread, muffins) a handmixer will do!

Extra: Oven thermometer

I have many MANY baking fails. One time I was making a Japanese cheesecake, where the temperature is KEY. It was in the oven for 3 hours… I got this thermometer and found out that my oven is 30ºF off. So now, I always add 30ºF to the baking temperature.



to all the supplies mentioned above as well as some other things I own, none of which are sponsored


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